Dr. Andre Loose

Founder, Data Scientist

Andre studied experimental physics, computer science and aviation in Berlin and Rio de Janeiro. After finishing his PhD within the German Research Foundation's collaborative research center Complex Nonlinear Processes, he moved to New York. At the Columbia Astrophysics Lab, he worked four years as Research Scientist for a dark matter search experiment (Xenon1T). He bridges the gap between cutting-edge research and business environments.

Zav Shotan, PhD

Data, Pipeline and Integration Engineer

Zav is an experimental physicist with more than a decade of software engineering experience. While completing his PhD he opened his first tech company, which focused on statistical solutions for shift assignments based on Monte Carlo simulations. He moved to NYC to work as a Postdoc on microscopy, light and matter interaction and quantum computing. Transitioning into industry, he joined a prominent data startup where he was heavily involved in the creation, maintenance and streamlining of their data pipeline. He is fluent in Kubernetes, Airflow, CI/CD, GCP and Docker.

Orian Sharoni

AI Research Engineer

Orian specializes in the intersection of academic research and industry end-to-end ML development. Her passion for machine learning is rooted in her Master's degree in computational cognition, where she researched and mathematically modelled human behavior. Orian brings to bear her understanding of human thought, machine thinking, and wide-scale algorithmic understanding of language in order to expand the boundaries of what's possible using AI.

Roee Shenberg

AI Research Engineer

Roee worked for Facebook AI Research on real time music style transfer, founded a Y-Combinator backed startup in gesture control, and prototyped software for what became the Microsoft Kinect at PrimeSense. Over the years he’s come to realize that in order to blur the lines between humans and technology, you need to know computers well and humans better.